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Your Favorite Kobold Just Got 50% Bigger!

Sure, Wolfgang Baur has been plenty busy in his role as an RPG Superstar judge, but he’s still found the time to put out an all-new, bigger-than-ever Kobold Quarterly! In the latest volume from Open Design, Richard Pett brings you the Ecology of the Lich, Wolfgang reveals the private magic of Zobeck, and Ari Marmell details the Lord of Locusts. Keith Baker helps you bring more noir to your campaign, and Ed Greenwood talks frankly about the Realms, his novels, and more. Back it all up with cartoons from Stan!, bits and pieces from Skip Williams, Stephen S. Greer, and others, and you’ll see why Kobold Quarterly #3 had to be a full 20 pages longer than KQ #2 — yet the price is still the same!

If you haven’t already heard everything you need to know about Kobold Quarterly, check out paizo.com‘s reader reviews for Kobold Quarterly #1 and Kobold Quarterly #2 — you’ll see why Erik Mona called KQ “the spiritual successor to Dragon Magazine.”

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Editorial: Many Hands

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Table of Contents
Ecology of the Lich
by Richard Pett

The Cloven Lord’s Tale… (Website Exclusive)
Till Death us do part… (Website Exclusive)
The Tale of Joshua Cane (Website Exclusive)

Star & Shadow Magic
by Wolfgang Baur

Arbeyach, Prince of Swarms (art print)
by Ari Marmell

Hardboiled Adventure
by Keith Baker

Edtime Stories:
Ed Greenwood

Optimizing Power Attack
by Jonathan Drain

More than Dragon’s Blood
by John E. Ling, Jr.

Ask the Kobold: Q&A
by Skip Williams

Up the Action! Cinematic Combat
by Benjamin Hayward

Dangerous Doors
by Steve Greer

The Flying Traders of Sikkim
by Wolfgang Baur

Cartoons by Stan!
10′ by 10′ Toon
Bolt & Quiver



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D&D 4e, Generic, Pathfinder


Game Masters, Players


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