Kobold Quarterly Issue #02 (PDF)


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Editorial: Shared Worlds


Belphegor, the Baron of Laziness and Invention
by Tim Connors

On the Streets Where Heroes Live
by Ed Greenwood

King of All Monsters
Wayne Reynolds

Assassins: the Core Class
by Robert Schwalb

From the Outside In: Character Generation
by Sigfried Trent

Ecology of the Barghest
by Nicolas Logue

Ask the Kobold: Q&A
by Skip Williams

My Kingdom for a Horse
by John E. Ling

Joining the Noble Classes
by Jeff Grubb

The Avatar of Hunger
by Wolfgang Baur

Griffon Towers of the Margreve
by Wolfgang Baur

Cartoons by Stan!
10′ by 10′ Toon
Bolt & Quiver



Game System

D&D 4e, Generic, Pathfinder


Game Masters, Players


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