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Kobold Quarterly Issue #19 (PDF)


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NOTE: PDF version is also available in the Year 5 Bundle Value Pack

Magic shops and graveyard haunts, a new realm to explore and get-rich-quick schemes gone horribly wrong: This horn of kobold plenty is spilling over with what might be our most diverse assortment of articles ever. Weighing in at 80 packed pages, KQ #19 includes:

  • A sneak preview of Tian Xia, Paizo’s brand-new setting for Pathfinder RPG, and its arch-devil Lau Kiritsu
  • An interview with indie designer Jason Morningstar
  • A new good-guy necromancer class for Pathfinder RPG
  • A new solo adventure – just bring a d20, a pencil and some paper
  • 2 new alchemist archetypes and 15 new discoveries

This issue features plenty of options that fit any campaign:

  • A guide to who’s who in any royal court
  • New werewolf themes compatible with 4th edition D&D
  • 10 new AGE System character backgrounds for the Midgard campaign setting
  • 4 unique magic shops, from the high end to the bargain bin
  • 4 new death-themed Pathfinder archetypes: deathrager, grave druid, master of worms and zombie master
  • Zobeck’’s Order of the Undying Sun
  • Monte Cook on how to spice up traditional fantasy races and classes with balance-free bonuses
  • …and more!

Kobold Quarterly is bigger and better than ever, so get your copy today!

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