Kobold Quarterly Issue #15 (PDF)


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Our Special holiday issue is loaded with new items for players, and new fiendish ideas for DMs. This issue includes:

  1. New traps for 4th Edition D&D and Pathfinder RPG
  2. New mounted combat rules for 4th Edition D&D
  3. 3 new Druid variants for Pathfinder players
  4. 10 new weapons for Pathfinder
  5. Ecology of the Giant Ant
  6. Margaret Weis on world building, Monte Cook on simulation
  7. A terrific cover by William O’Connor!
  8. And yes, much much more!

The finest of fantasy RPG dedication and inspiration, Kobold Quarterly #15 is a treasure worth looting immediately.

Do not hesitate — get your copy today!



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