Kobold Quarterly Issue #11 (Print)


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NOTE: PDF version is available in the Year 3 Bundle Value Pack

This one goes right to the edge, and then one more! Yes, we’ve shipped the highest-numbered Kobold magazine yet, and this one includes both classics and some wildly inventive new RPG meat, including:

  • The Ecology of the Vampire
  • DM Advice from Mike Mearls, Robin Laws, Jason Buhlman, and more
  • The Wish Spell in 4th Edition (absolutely 1st rate rules)
  • 4 New PC Races: Minotaur, Bugbear, and more
  • The new Pathfinder core class, the Spell-less Ranger
  • Monte Cook’s Game Theories
  • And tons more!

This issue is packed with great material for Pathfinder, 4E, or any edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. That’s why KQ won three — count ’em — three ENnie Awards in 2009!



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D&D 4e, Generic, Pathfinder


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