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2014: A Year of Adventure!

The 2014 Kobold Press 13-month Calendar brings you a new scene of wonder, mystery and adventure every month!

From a ghoul-haunted dungeon to distant planes where the fractal dance of Law and Chaos orders the universe, this calendar features high-quality printing on heavy weight, coated paper stock that showcases beautiful illustrations. The art is all by artists including Ben Wootten, Craig Spearing, Aaron Miller, and Ralph Horsley.

And there’s more! This limited-release item also includes:

  • Release dates of iconic games, past and present
  • Release dates of landmark fantasy and science fiction movies
  • Birthdays of famous science fiction and fantasy writers, and gaming professionals

The 2014 Kobold Press Calendar makes a perfect gift for the fantasy, SF or gaming fan in your life—or the perfect addition to your own gaming den!

A new year awaits—onward!

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2 reviews for Kobold Press 2014 Calendar

  1. Brett Walsh

    Having received mine about a week ago, let me say I am quite pleased. A few of my favorite points about this product, starting with some minor but important ones.

    – Form factor: Not a monstrously large calendar as is common. Not too small either, just right in my opinion.

    – Gloss: Another hit right in the middle. Often I find fantasy calendars to be very glossy/waxy so that viewing it from an angle in a well lit room is impossible.

    – Artwork: With Kobold’s line-up of talent you expect a litany of great art. They deliver every page.

    – Quips of Knowledge: The months and days are noted with various facts & trivia related to our beloved hobby. The history entries cover artists & authors birthdays, historical events (e.g. WotC purchases TSR) as well upcoming events (e.g. Gen Con 2013)

    I like it. I like it a lot. Once again the Kobold’s have delivered a top notch product. Excellent quality, top tier art and layout coupled with esoteric bits of gaming lore. $10 well spent and I’ll likely pick up a few more as gifts for my gaming friends.

  2. Timothy Baker

    The preview of the art originally convinced me to pre-order this calendar, and when it arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. Each month features a fantastic work, and most exciting of all, some of the art is from as of yet unpublished Kobold Press products, meaning I’m seeing the art for the first time!

    The various RPG-related dates that are tracked in the calendar are interesting, and some of the 2014 dates are very useful (e.g., GenCon).

    Overall, a great calendar that I’ll hang proudly on my wall.

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