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Beer, Blood, Fire and Vomit!

A SPECIAL CONVENTION ADVENTURE: Available on the Kobold Store Once Per Decade!
Goblin thirst drives an army of raiders to the Causeway Hill brewery temple of Ninkash with torch and blade. Who could have brought so many tribes together and what other savage plans do they have for the people of the Smolten Hills?

Our heroes must face fierce goblin cavalrymen as fire lights the town in an orange glow as the raiders run amuck and make no secret they are there to steal the beer.

The PCs journey into the brewery where the goblins are beginning to focus more on drinking the kegs than carrying them off. Up through the basements they travel as screams of the tortured and burning brewer-monks fill the night. The raid leader is a new monster, a one-horned goblin oni that lives only for her next drink and acts of sadistic violence.

If the PCs do not stop her, she will make off with most of the year’s profits, wagonloads of brew, and leave the small town to starve. The PCs must save the brewery’s monks in this hopsfilled Pathfinder RPG module designed for four 1st-level characters.

Kobold X Sale: Normally only sold at conventions, we’re putting less than 5 of these up for sale to celebrate the Kobold X Sale. First come, first served.

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