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Eat Their Heart Out Digital Bundle


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D&D 5e


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Love is a Trip…to the Underworld.

At Kobold Press, we believe love is a many-splendored thing.

It’s a kind word after a tough day.
It’s a box of chocolates (Kobolds love chocolate!).
It’s…a darkly fantastical journey through an empire of the undead?

Kobold Press is proud to offer a gift from the Underworld of our hearts; a positively ghoulish bundle to bring your group closer together and guaranteed to Eat Their Heart Out!

The Eat Their Heart Out Digital Bundle offers the critically acclaimed Empire of Ghouls campaign in a handy PDF format, along with a horde of underworld-themed titles including the Underworld Player’s Guide and Underworld Lairs adventure book. See below for a complete list of titles included with this bundle:

  • Empire of the Ghouls
  • Empire of the Ghouls JPG Map Pack
  • Underworld Player’s Guide
  • Underworld Lairs
  • Underworld Lairs JPG Map Pack

Get a bundle that will get your players’ hearts beating with new life, right before you Eat Their Heart Out!

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