Deck of Beasts 2 with Lift Box


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Turn a Monstrous Card!

The Deck of Beasts 2 includes all 400+ creatures from the Tome of Beasts 2 in a portable format that is easy to clip to a DM Screen or tuck into your module notes!

Card Deck Advantages:

  • Sort out just the monsters you need for a session so you don’t need to bring the books, and don’t need to flip from page to page.
  • Clip them to the top of your GM screen. Your players see the art, you have the stats handy.
  • Track initiative: sort them in order (either in a stack or clipped to your GM screen). Add cards/post-its to add the PCs in order as well
  • Card-stock paper & glossy finish make the beautiful monster art pop!
  • A handful of creatures in the book don’t have art.  We added art for each.

Each creature’s statistics are written for the 5th edition of the world’s best known role-playing game.

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