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The Creature Card Codex: Challenging Creatures includes 88 creatures from the innovative Creature Codex in a portable format that is easy to clip to a DM Screen or tuck into your module notes!

Featuring most creatures with challenge ratings from 6 to 9, the deck includes the Clockwork Assassin, Crimson Mist, Bone Golem, planar flora, demons, devils, and many more. Also available: Creature Card Codex: Low-Level Creatures and Creature Card Codex: Intermediate-Level Creatures.

Each creature’s statistics are written for the 5th edition of the world’s best known role-playing game. A tuck box is included to keep the cards together neatly.

Complete Card List

1. Angel, Eye of Gods
2. Angel, Kinnara
3. Angel, Ophanim
4. Angel, Sammael
5. Angel, Song
6. Angel, Zoryas
7. Ankou Soul Seeker
8. Bearfolk Chieftain
9. Child of Yggdrasil
10. Chuhaister
11. Clockwk Assassin
12. Clockwk Servant
13. Clockwk Soldier
14. Crimson Mist
15. Devil Shark
16. Devil, Fire Imp
17. Devil, Wind’s Harp
18. Dhampir, Commander
19. Dracotaur
20. Drake, Fey
21. Drake, Spider
22. Elf, Deathsworn
23. Elf, Enchanter
24. Elf, Shadow Fey Knight of the Road
25. Elf, Shadow Fey Pattern Dancer
26. Elf, Shadow Fey Servant of the Vine
27. Fleshpod Hornet
28. Fragrite
29. Ghost Dwarf
30. Giant, Cacus
31. Giant, Haunted
32. Giant, Laestrig.
33. Golem, Armory
34. Golem, Bone
35. Golem, Bronze
36. Golem, Fractal
37. Golem, Keg
38. Golem, Less. Glass
39. Golem, Less. Hair
40. Golem, Less. Mud
41. Golem, Less. Wood
42. Golem, Manastorm
43. Golem, Paper
44. Golem, Paper Swarm
45. Goliath Longlegs
46. Green Knight of the Woods
47. Gulon
48. Ijiraq
49. Jaanavar Jal
50. Jiangshi
51. Kobold, Elite Kobold
52. Kobold, Junk Shaman
53. Kobold, King
54. Kobold, Swolbold
55. Kobold, Wizard
56. Minotaur, Labyrinth Keeper
57. Minotaur, Lost
58. Minotaur, Moon Priestess
59. Naga, Moonchild
60. Ningyo
61. Ooze, Blood
62. Ooze, Ruby
63. Ouroboros
64. Pech
65. Pech Lithlord
66. Pech Stonemaster
67. Piasa
68. Pixiu
69. Planar Flora, Alabaster Tree
70. Planar Flora, Devil Bough
71. Planar Flora, Ecstatic Bloom
72. Planar Flora, Execrable Shrub
73. Planar Flora, Hallowed Reed
74. Planar Flora, Thorn Sulfurlord
75. Quiet Soul
76. Scrag, Greater
77. Scrag, Lesser
78. Sentinel in Dark
79. Sloth, Giant
80. Spirit Lamp
81. Troll, Desert
82. Trollkin Grunt
83. Trollkin Shaman
84. Tveirherjar
85. Two-headed Eagle
86. Ursa Polaris
87. War Wyvern
88. Warlock’s Trumpet

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