The Ratatosk

The Ratatosk: Culture and Society

Ratatosk Culture and Society Unlike the common Midgardian squirrel, ratatosk are not solitary creatures, and they live in close matriarchal family groups called scurries. The squirrel-folk are proud of their heritage, and each ratatosk can proudly recite tales of their scurry back to the first squirrel, Ratatosk the Clever. The eldest female of each scurry …

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The Ratatosk: Celestial Gossips

                                                                      Inspired by Norse mythology, specifically the Poetic Edda, the ratatosk are celestial humanoid squirrels who dwell in the extraplanar environment of the World Tree. Ratatosks are insatiable gossips and tricksters whose joy in gathering secrets is only eclipsed by their delight in spreading those gathered morsels of gossip in mischievous ways.  The squirrel-folk build …

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