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Warlock’s Apprentice: Treasure Vaults of Midgard

Many are those needing to store wealth, information, and other odds and ends they’d prefer not fall into the hands of thieves. All across Midgard, special repositories are built to this end: difficult to locate and access and often featuring traps and guardians to destroy intruders. Here are detailed but a few of those.

Con Report: Shadows of the Dusk Queen

Paizocon may be over, but our enjoyment of it certainly is not! Mike Welham braved the lovely weather and terrific gamers of the Northwest to run Shadows of the Dusk Queen for some Pathfinders ready for action. Sounds like they had a wonderfully fun time—and even had a surprise teammate in the form of artist Bryan Syme. Needless to say, there are …

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Lemming Swarm

Anton Swordbender swaggered out of the tavern, heading for Puffin Bluff after a full night of drinking. While he hadn’t succeeded in finding company before he left, he knew he caught the eye of at least one lass who would be easier to persuade later. A forced cough interrupted his thoughts as he reached the …

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