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Gnome Pretender

The creature before you seems to be a gnomish child yet so immaculately groomed and outlandishly dressed as to resemble a living doll. Its grin is wide and wicked. A gnome pretender is a creature born of deep and hysterical fear—fear the likes of which only a child can know. Pretenders are fickle and powerful …

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KotM2 Fight! Palaver

Welcome to the King of the Monsters 2 finals (see the list of finalists): the palaver is random finalist 2 of 10. These submissions are left almost entirely as they were received with the exceptions that all submissions are posted with an image and are standardized to style. Let the fight commence! ___ This pale snake …

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Maegriel’s Manual: Combining Spell & Blade

This haggard-looking book bears a nondescript jacket of sturdy leather, the pages between filled with austerely elegant elven script. It appears to be a combat manual passed from a powerful elven mage-warrior to her much younger niece, an aspiring sorceress. Among the strict and detailed mandates that concern diet and training regime, there are several …

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