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Alternative Adventures: The Diplomatic Mission

The Diplomatic Mission Most parties are no strangers to diplomacy. Whether they’re trying to get a better bargain for the swag they’ve hauled from their latest dungeon crawl or attempting to convince the guards that no, their friend was really just joking about splitting open their skulls, adventurers are all familiar with using words over …

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Alternative Adventures: The Infiltration

Most players are no strangers to stealth. Whether it’s the silent dungeon crawl where everyone tiptoes around corners to sneak up on sentries or using a ranger’s carefully prepared ambush to gain an advantage in an upcoming fight, there’s something to be said for going the subtle route. There is a difference between sneaking through …

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Fists of Flurry: Twists on the Monk’s Signature Ability

There have been a variety of joke names for a monk’s flurry of blows class ability. “Flurry of misses” is a common one, and so is “death of 1,000 whiffs.” Sacrificing accuracy for additional attacks is a gamble, and it becomes an even bigger one if you’re combining the ability with Power Attack to try …

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