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Articles By Author - Jason Bulmahn

Deep Magic: Dream a Little Maze of Doom

The second stretch goal for the Deep Magic Kickstarter is Labyrinth Magic. A few notes from the designer about this style of magic: Minotaurs have always been one of my favorite monsters in the game, but the one problem is that mazes are actually quite tedious to explore. When Wolfgang asked me to write some spells for these iconic monsters, I wanted to make sure that I gave them some tools to actually make their labyrinth homes into an...

The Con Report: My First Dragoncon

It had always been on the list. Everyone said it was a great time, and I kept saying to myself, “Yeah, one of these years, I got to make my way down to Dragoncon.” After saying that for about 10 years, the stars finally aligned, and I was able to attend this year, both as a guest and an attendee. The flight to Atlanta on Thursday was pleasant enough and not really all that expensive, seeing as it is the main Delta hub. Friday morning, I got to...

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