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All Mimsy Were the Borogoves

All Mimsy Were the Borogoves

Can nothing stop it?… and so I said, “No, you kiss the fish!” Thank you, thank you.

For those just joining us, it’s time for a serious announcement. The kitchen is out of veal. Also, I’m stepping down as the web editor for Kobold Quarterly.

I started at the magazine way back in 2008 with issue #3 when Wolfgang took a chance on a hungry editor. And for the last 2 years, I’ve also been keeping the blog going, wrangling the slush pile and making sure the posts ran on time. I’ve worked with many of you; talked with you in person and by email. My friends, it’s been a terrific pleasure!

But it’s time to move on. This is actually my last post as web editor. I’m passing the kobold fire-chucker over to the wonderfully talented hands of Miranda Horner. Treat her well my fellow kobolds!

In fact, send her all your queries, your article pitches. Send her your recipes for spicy rat flambe and battered cave snail a la mode. Your designs for a lighter-than-air wig-a-jig. Your holiday wishlist for Chief Not-in-the-Face, the elusive kobold who yearly gives away those stolen toys that he couldn’t sell… assuming you leave cookies out for him.  Send her whatever you got! Send them all to [email protected].

So now I disappear behind the curtain. But not to worry, I’m still around working on things, and I may even be back in a few months to work on various Open Design projects. Farewell for now!


Scott Gable is a freelance  editor, writer, and game designer. He is currently developing games for his own company Zombie Sky Press, including The Faerie Ring. He was molded in the fires as editor for the award-winning Kobold Quarterly and has contributed to a variety of gaming products. He calls the beautiful underwater city of Seattle his home.

23 thoughts on “All Mimsy Were the Borogoves”

  1. Robert J. Parker

    Thanks for all your great work. You’ll certainly be missed here. I look forward to seeing more upcoming products from Zombie Sky Press!

  2. Thanks for stocking the kobold caverns with the brightest treasures, Scott!

    It was great working with you on the OD projects as well.

    Good luck with the Zombie Skies, Scott…and Welcome aboard, Miranda!

  3. thanks for all your work.

    should we send Miranda follow-ups about web submissions that appear to be in the hopper but haven’t yet appeared?

  4. This is the kind of thing that makes me grumpy…

    Scott, best of luck, and have fun in everything you do! I’ve enjoyed working with you this last year and change (a year, really?!).

    Now, who is this Miranda?

  5. Scott – Thank you for helping me to make my first steps into published game design with my blog articles. Best wishes!

  6. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I won’t be far away. Zombie Sky Press is a fully operational battle station.

    And not to worry, if you’ve sent something to me for the slush pile, I have sent it on to Miranda.

    Of course, Master Pett! I wouldn’t dream of it. (Time to change my name, too.)

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