Articles By Author - Michael Allen

Trapmaster: Spike-Eating Pit Trap

Spike-Eating Pit Trap Brushing the flakes of rust from her hands, Mira reached into her pouch and withdrew a wooden spike. Glad now that she had paid the druids of the grove to enchant it, the young rogue carefully tapped it into the seam of the pit trap ahead, ignoring the statues of horrific creatures awaiting her at the end of the corridor… At the far end of the 10-ft-wide corridor, six stone monsters flank a door, the heads of each of the...

Trapmaster: Path of the Barefoot Mariner

Mira smiled fondly at the inscription inscribed onto the leather flap on her tool pouch as she returned the magnifying glass: Grand-daughter, may these tools grant you the blessings they once brought me, though the paths you seek to walk are dark and fraught with ancient perils. The traps you encounter will most definitely be of the old school. —Gavin Setting aside the ship-in-the-bottle, the young tomb robber sat down in the corridor and began...

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