Pathfinder and Open Design

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I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that it seems increasingly likely that Paizo and Open Design will reach an agreement on a patron project tentatively called Lords of Lost Azlant, which will be an underwater adventure detailing one of the great mysteries of the Golarion setting. That project will use the Pathfinder RPG rules, and will have the full treatment of Golarion flavor and crunch. The odds are massively in favor of this; Erik Mona used the phrases “super interested” and “a very likely project” in our discussion.

The bad news is that Erik also said “the timing isn’t right.” The Paizo team is working very hard on the Pathfinder RPG, and until that is much closer to done, there’s no extra slack in the schedule for this.

So, Lords of Lost Azlant will be an Open Design next year, perhaps in the Spring. I will certainly announce it here.

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